Poetic tales of fun and friendship
  1. Biscuit's first contest!
    May 2016
    Biscuit's first contest!
    The Life and Rhymes of Miss Biscuit: Lost and Found was selected as a Finalist for the National Indie Excellence Award
  2. Sharing Biscuit's Story
    May 2016
    Sharing Biscuit's Story
    A great day at Browning Elementary
  3. BIscuit Places Again!
    Nov 2016
    BIscuit Places Again!
    The Life and Rhymes of Miss Biscuit: Lost and Found is a USA Best Books Award Finalist in the Children's Picture Book category
  4. Biscuit is in the Finals!
    Apr 2017
    Biscuit is in the Finals!
    The Life and Rhymes of Miss Biscuit: Lost and Found is a Foreword Indies 2016 Book of the Year Finalist in the Children's Picture Book category
When I was younger, I never imagined my life would revolve around a pack of crazy dogs. Now I can't imagine a day without them. Some might even say my life has gone to the dogs...and they'd be right. For the past half dozen years, I've spent all my free time writing about dogs.
I began writing after the tragic loss of one of my closest canine companions. In the months that followed her death, I penned a moving tribute to the life and love of my special dog. Shortly thereafter, my marriage ended and I was left with nothing but a couple of discarded rescue dogs. I then realized the story was much larger; it was about love and love lost, my struggle to cope and rebuild my life, and the misfit canines who helped me through it all. Over the next few years, I wove the stories together to create A Thousand Sunny Days 
It was during that time that I also began experimenting with poetry. Sometimes serious, sometimes silly, yet always capturing a unique perspective on the life of a dog, the poems became the inspiration for my children's books. The funny and touching stories, written completely in verse and narrated by the dogs, will captivate children and help create the next generation of dog-lovers. You won't find any pure-bred dogs in these stories...just ordinary street dogs living extraordinary lives. And if you're thinking of getting a dog, I hope it will make you ask "Why shop when we can adopt?"
Jason Phinney